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Be as specific as possible. Date and time is ideal. If you don't have a specific date or time, you can provide an estimated timeframe, e.g. February 2016 Monday-Friday before noon.

Please provide the hours of the whole event as well as when you'd like Mac & Cheese Productions℠ to facilitate and how much time is allotted for that.
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If you know the exact address, great! If you just know city or state or the like, that's ok too.

If you know the location, please describe the setting -- e.g. conference room, coworking space, retreat center.

If you're interested in Saya hosting the event, note that here. Capacity of 40.
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Is this your company? Social group? Professional group?
"The client relation department of my law firm..."
"My female entrepreneur group..."
"My college alumni group..."
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Areas of Saya & Team's Expertise

Anything area stick out as one you'd like to focus on/incorporate into the event?

Anything else to share?

"I'd like to incorporate _______ ..."
"Do you have a yoga teacher who can participate? I'd love to have a yoga session as part of the off-site."

Don't feel weird being specific. Like really specific. It helps us figure out if Mac & Cheese is a good match and to prepare something that fits your needs and desires.
Thank you! Saya will get back to you to let you know if she can be of service.

Please add Saya@macncheeseproductions.com to your Contacts so she doesn't get spam-filtered, and keep an eye on your email.

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